Ukrainian Police Investigate Illegal Stem Cell Therapy Clinics

KIEV, Ukraine -- A prosecutor’s office in Ukraine’s Donetsk region has launched a criminal case against several doctors at private clinics who are charged with illegally transplanting human organs, Obozrevatel reported.

“It is the first criminal case of its kind,” Alexander Egorov, the Mariupol city prosecutor, said.

He told the media that frozen material taken from the liver and brains of embryos were delivered from different regions to Mariupol.

Currently there is no law stipulating criminal liability for selling anatomical material from dead human embryos in Ukraine.

President Victor Yushchenko, however, recently ordered his cabinet to work out a state program for transplantation issues for 2006-2010.

Stem cell therapy, forbidden in a number of countries, has become very popular among the rich and famous in recent years. For example, Russian pharmaceutical magnate Vladimir Bryntsalov has injected a dose of stem cells into himself and currently says at 59 he feels like he is 20.

Source: MosNews