Ukrainian Air Force Has Observation Flight Over Benlux Countries

BRUSSELS, Belgium -- The Ukrainian Antonov reconnaissance plane would not be challenged by Dutch and Belgian fighter jets when it began photographing the Benelux territory on Thursday.

Ukraine's Antonov Plane

The observation flight is taking place under the Open Skies Treaty that has been signed by 33 countries, including the United States, Russia, Ukraine and the Benelux states (the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg).

According to online newsletter Expatica, Open Skies aircraft have to be unarmed and may be equipped with photographic and filming equipment with day or night capacity.

The image quality should permit the observer to distinguish, for instance, between a tank and a truck, thus allowing significant transparency of military forces and activities.

The pictures and footage taken during Thursday's flight will be developed and checked at the Dutch air force base in Vokel. Once it has been confirmed the images comply with the Treaty regulations, they will be handed back to the Ukrainian military.

Earlier this year, the Benelux countries carried out Open Skies observation flights over Russia and Ukraine.

Source: Xinhua