Ukraine Has One Problem More Than Russia

KIEV, Ukraine -- Unlike Russia, which has two main problems - fools and roads, Ukraine traditionally has three - fools, roads and Russia itself.

The last news from Moscow confirms that even in 14 years since independence was proclaimed in Ukraine, Russia is not going to yield and become a friendly neighbour.

Walls of the Kremlin

Under information of the Russian state news agency RIA NOVOSTI with reference to the Kremlin, "new Russian policy pursues the goal to resume its influence, lost as a consequence of "the orange revolutions". The goal of Moscow is to establish civilized relations with Washington and European agencies on the territory of former USSR. The first in history Russia and China have carried out common large-scale military exercises, but the Russian Federation plans to hold negotiations with the Western countries as well as the USA", RIA NOVOSTI quotes a high-ranking source from the Kremlin.

Meanwhile, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Grigory Karasin declared, that Moscow aimed to "make the CIS an arena of respectful and stable partnership" with the West.

In essence, it means that Moscow will try to play with the West "over the head" of Ukraine. Threatening to cut off power supply and to consolidate with China, Russia will try to get from the West a connivance to interfere in home affairs of post-soviets countries, not even asking for their permission.

The task of Russia is facilitated by the fact that today the West is involved into conflict with Moslem countries and solves its home problems.

Long enough such policy of "ignoring" was successful in relation to Poland, when Germany and France were sole real negotiators for the sake of Russia in Europe. Possibly, only after a credible failure of Putin’s German "friend" Gerhard Schreder on elections this autumn, Poland will breathe freely.

At this the countries of Western Europe, immersed into personal problems, experience the betrayal of other democratic European countries in exchange of the petty egoism. Therefore any actions or absence of actions are only a reaction to rough blackmail. In such a way western countries behaved, in particular, during the Munich plot in 1938, and nowadays nothing has changed, as leaders of France, Germany and Italy regularly act in Putin's favour and do not see what Russia is doing either on its territory or in post-soviet countries.

To date, according to the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Moscow supports "an honest competition of ideas and concepts, but not force pressure on the post-soviet countries".

Notably, it was spoken after Moscow’s failure to impose Yanukovich during presidential campaign-2004 in Ukraine, pursuing the policy of force pressure, more intensive, than the western influence.

"We oppose against the methods of violent "democratization" at the post-soviet area, both by means of the "coloured revolutions" or by information-political pressure onto incumbent government", the Deputy Minister of MFA of Russia declares. Meanwhile the Russian Federation carries out "information-political pressure" on the countries which have just set free from the Kremlin’s vassalage.

Vladimir Zhirinovskiy is more outspoken that should obviously help Ukraine to see Russia in a different light.

The Vice-Speaker of the State Duma of the Russian Federation called the Ukrainian politicians "not to forget Russian language for they will possibly be interrogated in Lubyanka (Russian jail)". “All of you will be sent to Siberia, but not shot, as we need Ukrainians to be frozen exhibits", told Zhirinovskiy.

By the way, Zhirinovskiy is spoken to be the voice of the Kremlin. Chief of the President’s Administration for Inter-regional and Cultural Relations with Foreign States, and in essence, the chief of intelligence service of Russia in CIS countries Modest Kolerov is more intellectual person.

He once said that "Russia symbolized freedom at the post-soviet area", but as Oreul reads "freedom was slavery".

However, under the utterances of this official one can guess the real Kremlin moods: "The Crimea as a part of Ukraine make Russia contest the inviolability of its boundaries... Russia insists on giving to Crimea a special status as to Russia. Strategic interests of Ukraine and Russia are intersected in Crimea, and this will last for ever".

We need to exercise to live next to Russia, the country which becomes more and more Asiatic; for which China appears to be nearer than Slavonic Prague, Warsaw, and Kiev as well.

Source: Ukrayinska Pravda