Russian MP Completes Sex Movie Depicting Ukrainian PM, Georgian President

MOSCOW, Russia -- Russian parliamentarian Aleksei Mitrofanov of the notorious LDPR party reported this week that he had completed shooting a 26-minute soft porn titled Yulia. The main actors in the film have the same first names and bear a striking resemblance to Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko and Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili.

Scene from Russian political porn movie

The popular Russian tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda has published an extensive report about the film. The article said that the producer had to abandon plans to invite Russian porn star Elena Berkova to play Yulia Timoshenko as the actress’ relatives in Ukraine had been receiving threats.

Instead, actress Elena Bond was cast to play the role. Ethnic Armenian Alen Melik-Grigoryan played Georgia’s president Saakashvili.

Ukraine and Georgia have both protested against Mitrofanov’s project, and Ukrainian media has spread a rumor that a gay porn film featuring look-alikes of Russian President Vladimir and former Ukrainian PM Viktor Yanukovich is being made.

Mitrofanov dismissed all the criticism as groundless. He told the media that the Yulia film will take foreign relations to new heights —- literally and figuratively. “Political erotics are a new genre that I have discovered,” he said. “The film is about politics. It makes a political statement, they don’t just [have sex].”

“Is the film The Interpreter propaganda or big cinema?” Mitrofanov said. “Is the film JFK propaganda or big cinema? Why is it that in America these films are considered big cinema but films like this in Russia are considered propaganda? This is big cinema and I am a great master.”

Source: MosNews


Nicholas said…
Russian parliamentarian Aleksei Mitrofanov is a sick man!

Since President Putin has not condemned Mitrofanov's actions, could ex-KGB Putin be behind this?
Anonymous said…
I think it is a shame that Putin didn't intervene on this, i mean it is really a cheap and dirty way of insulting miss Timoshenko, it should be immediately confiscated, as it is causing a serious damage to the image of russian politics. One may like Timoshekos politics or not but this really is too far, and it just shows how much russian politicians fear Timoshenkos strength. This movie IS a shame for Russia and for all russian politicians who made it happen!
Anonymous said…
:lol: Looking forward to it :P
Sound fun all around to me;With a " Polital Spike " wouldn1t be hurting no one :) Remember,this kind of humor is not new ...
If you " guys " going to " Moscow " ask for " Bush Legs " ... See what you will get at the market :lol:
King Regards from " Xyecocob " ...
Marco said…
I am making a study about representations of foreign policies in the movies. How can I get this movie?