Pro-Moscow Youth Movement Set to Shock Ukraine’s Yushchenko

MOSCOW, Russia -- Members of the Eurasian Youth Union — a radical organization founded in Moscow to oppose so called colored revolutions in post-Soviet states, have promised to “shock President Yushchenko” with their next protest action.

“Our next action is going to shock Yushchenko,” RIA Novosti quoted the movement’s Kharkov department leader Alexander Medinsky as saying.

The radical Eurasian Youth Union activists have promised to “shock President Yushchenko” with their next protest action

“We shall sabotage Yushchenko’s economic initiatives. We shall be more active and radical in actions, up to blocking airports and international highways,” he added.

The Eurasian Youth Union is only a few months old, but the movement that was started to oppose velvet revolutions already has 60 regional departments in Russia and branches in Ukraine, Belarus, Great Britain, Turkey and Poland.

In their Friday action in Kiev, protesting Ukraine’s admission to NATO and the country’s cooperation with Russia and Belarus, 40 activists put up their tents and black flags in front of the Ukrainian government building.

The movement demanded Yushchenko’s resignation together with his government, banning foreign public and religious organizations in the country, deporting of U.S. nationals, Interfax reported.

“The Kiev action has shown that we can do anything,” the movement’s coordinator in Russia Pavel Zarifullin was quoted by RIA Novosti as saying.

Source: MosNews


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