Independence is Grandest Creation of Ukraine’s Nation – Leader

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko said the formation of an independent and free state is the grandest creation of Ukraine’s nation.

Addressing the nation on Wednesday, Yushchenko said, “Maidan’s freedom don’t belong any political force. Millions of people stand through the winter and frost and defended the rights of every citizen in Donetsk and Lvov, Sumy and Crimea. Every day people see this clearer and clearer.”

Ukraine's President Viktor Yushchenko greets the crowd in the Independence square in the capital Kiev as Ukraine marks the 14th anniversary of the its independence declaration

The president said he is convinced that the people would overcome all difficulties and carry out all tasks. “We won a victory on Maidan and we’ll have more victories. It’s the strong nation that may change the country in several months.”

Yushchenko said, “No closed topics remained for mass media. The freedom of speech and democracy became real in Ukraine.”

The president demanded the government and law-enforcement agencies introduce tough control over customs, agrarian relations and the issuance of permissions and licences. In his view, “corruption retreats slowly.” The president called for intensifying efforts to fight corruption and pledged to step up financial support for medicine and high educational establishments.

On renovating top officials, Yushchenko said, “The face of power remained unchanged. Citizens face bureaucracy and the unwillingness to listen to them. I’m going to bear with this. There are a lot of honest professionals in the country and we’ll open the way for them.”

On the country’s foreign policy, Yushchenko stressed, “Ukraine’s example proves – the peoples from the Baltics to the Black Sea can successfully modernise their countries and develop democracy.”

“Our neighbours watch the events in the country. They consider Ukraine a regional leader. Ukraine’s future is in the united Europe,” he said.

Source: Itar-Tass