Easier Business

KIEV, Ukraine -- As anyone who’s tried to start a small enterprise in Ukraine knows, the process involves a lot of bureaucratic wrangling. It’s a draining process that throws the petitioner up against the worst of Ukraine’s inert government structures.

So good for Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, who last week ordered heads of regional state administrations to simplify the new business registration process. She ordered that by Sept. 1 the process should be rationalized so that it takes only a day; she also called “shameful” the backlog of entrepreneurs waiting for a stamp. In two weeks she’ll hear progress reports from the regions.

Meanwhile, at an Aug. 4 press conference, Tymoshenko announced that the Cabinet of Ministers, ministries and regional state administrations will eliminate more than 2,200 acts regulating entrepreneurial activity. Again, Sept. 1 is the deadline date.

This is all excellent news, and not even the specter of possible resistance from the usual cast of antediluvian characters in the Communist and Socialist parties, who have particular fondness for bureaucracy, can take away from it.

While Tymoshenko’s at it, she might next take on the housing bureaucracy. Last time we joined the legion of the damned that camps out in that bureaucracy’s hallways, we saw humiliated petitioners reduced to actual, if minor, physical violence. Nobody should have to put up with that.

Source: Kyiv Post