Yushchenko’s and Tymoshenko’s Wages - $8,000 for Both

KIEV, Ukraine -- At last the most intimate detail of president’s and premier’s life became known for public. From now on they’ll get salary at the level of head of a major bank but their wages are still lower than that of a top manager of a western company representation.

So, as from June Yushchenko’s salary will be UAH 23,657, Tymoshenko’s – UAH 16,898 per month. The figures were given by president’s press service. Press secretary added that was the sum subject to taxation, without grants and premiums.

Viktor Yushchenko (L) with Yulia Tymoshenko

As known, according to the recent decree issued by the government, president’s salary is attached to the premier’s and constituted 140% of the latter. This rule functions as from June but premier’s salary was unknown. So it was impossible to figure out what Yushchenko brings home.

On May 8th, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted a decree raising wages to state officials, but Tymoshenko didn’t specify the sums. “We think that president and premier should have fixed wages. The salary should correspond the amount of job done by the official”, Tymoshenko noted.

When asked about her salary, Tymoshenko responded she had no time to get it. Now she knows it’s a lot of dough, so maybe she finds time to get the money. Before these decrees were adopted her salary constituted UAH 2,040, says Tymoshenko’s press-secretary Vitaliy Chepynoga.

According to the head of State Service Ihor Tarasuyk, the president’s salary was UAH 2,600 in December 1999. Kuchma himself gave the same figures.

In desperation he put his hands in the air, accidentally demonstrating his 10,000 euro watch… “There’s no problem of spending my salary. As they say in Odessa: may you live for just one salary”, Kuchma cracked a joke.

Now the salaries are much higher. Supposedly that will keep officials from Kuchma’s life style.

Salaries of the other highest state officials also depend upon Tymoshenko’s wages. Although, these depend upon her salary scale, which is still unknown.

So, the secretary of National Security Council will have 95% of Tymoshenko’s wages, the first Vice-Minister - 94%. The others Vice-Ministers will have 92% of Tymoshenko’s salary.

It needs mentioning that other officials are not that lucky. Their wages will be dependent on minimum wages that will constitute UAH 332 in September.

For instance, the head of Central Election Committee will have UAH 5,580 (18 minimum wages), the head of Constitutional Court - 4,650 (15 minimum wages). The head of the Supreme Economical Court, who decides million disputes, will get the salary at the rate of 13 minimum wages, i.e. UAH 4,030.

Their only consolation is extra payments for official status, long-service bonus, academic status and even the knowledge of foreign language if they have corresponding pretensions.

Yushchenko’s salary is six times smaller than Schroeder’s

Radical and considerable rise of salaries approximates Yushchenko’s and Tymoshenko’s salaries to European level.

In June of this year there have been announced the results of study of premiers’ salaries carried out by International Wages Bureau Hay Group. German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder appeared the “wages champion”. His salary constitutes, without bonuses, 272,000 euro a year.

British Premier Tony Blair got the second place in this contest: his salary constitutes 261,000 euro. Last year his salary was raised by 2%.

French premier brings up the rear with the salary of 240,000 euro. Then comes his Belgian colleague Guy Verhofstadt with 192,000 euro. Dutch premier Jan Peter Balkenende has 123,000 a year.

Polish premier, according to EU standards, got the lowest salary of 49,500 euro a year. But Tymoshenko’s $300 a month would be a shock for Europe even on the background of polish premier’s wages.

Tymoshenko’s UAH 16,898 equals 2,748 euro or $3,364 that makes 33,000 euro or $40,000 a year.

Yushchenko gets even more – 3,847 euro or $4,685 that makes 46,160 euro or $56,215 a year.

Although, Russian president gets higher salary after 2004 when he raised salaries for himself and state officials. So his wages constitute RUR 1,760,000 that equals $61,000 a year.

But Ukrainian officials have won over other neighboring colleagues. Lukashenka gets $300 a year. There is a standing joke: “As a president I get 300 bucks, as the president of national Olympic Committee another 300. Have some bonus as Supreme Commander-in-Chief. Not that bad, I should admit…”.

After that it was forbidden to mention president in such jokes on TV, and Belarusian censorship eradicates the entire negative aspects for the president.

The president of Moldova, Vladimir Voronin gets about $740 plus $288 of pension.

It needs mentioning that East and West-European leaders can’t compete with the US presidents. George Bush Junior gets $400,000 a year.

The first US president George Washington had the salary of $25,000 a year which was pretty much at the end of the 18th century. Although he refused to take the money since he was a rich man. Among his followers, only John Kennedy did the same.

Source: Ukrayinska Pravda


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