Ukrainian Swindlers Out of the Net

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukrainian enforcement bodies confirmed yesterday, July 19, detention of a gang of high-tech swindlers headed by Dmitry Golubov. The investigators spotted Golubov after the U.S. special services started probing into the fraudulent operations via

The fraudulent operations via Ukrainian ATMs have been chewed over for a number of months. In March of this year, Raiffeisenbank first warned and then blocked all card operations through ATMs of Ukraine. Two more Russian banks – Slavyansky and Master Bank backed up Raiffeisen. After that, MasterCard and Visa acknowledged Ukraine had felt a surge of fraud via plastic cards in the fall of 2004.

The first results of the battle unleashed by Ukraine against the bank card swindlers were reported only in July. Vladimir Shilomentsev, deputy head of high-tech crimes fighting division of Ukrainian Interior Ministry, confirmed yesterday the detention of Dmitry Golubov. Golubov (Script) is suspected in having created the fraudulent, which used to offer a package of services, including the stolen numbers of plastic cards along with their PIN-codes.

Source: Kommersant