Ukraine Steps Up Antiterrorist Measures After London Blasts

KIEV, Ukraine -- An antiterrorist coordination centre has been set up at the Ukrainian Ministry of Transport and Communications following the recent terrorist acts in London. The centre is headed by Deputy Minister Mykola Hordiyenko, the transport ministry's press service reports.

The antiterrorist centre has been set up to guard against possible terrorist acts against the most vulnerable sections of the transport infrastructure.

The centre's activities are coordinated with the interdepartmental coordination commission of the Antiterrorist Centre of Ukraine's Security Service.

Antiterrorist centres and groups are to be set up by 12 July at Ukravtodor [the state road-building company], the State Aviation Service, the Ukrainian Sea River Fleet, the Ukrainian Automobile Transport Company, the State Communications Company, the Main Automobile Transport Inspectorate, the Ukrainian State Railways Company, the State Special Transport Service (railway troops) and at their subsidiary companies, organizations and institutions.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications is taking other measures to enhance security.

All means of transportation - buses, sea and river boats, planes, railway and underground trains will be checked for unidentified objects.

Rolling stock, rail platforms, luggage stores, basements and attics, engineering structures, train depots, baggage compartments, sewer tunnels, ventilation shafts, machine rooms and other sites potentially exposed to terrorism will be checked for explosive and other dangerous substances at bus and railway stations, sea and river passenger ports, airports and at underground metro stations.

Bus stations will be cleared of unauthorized vehicles. Security has been stepped up at bridges, tunnels and other man-made structures and hydrotechnical shipping structures on the Dnipro. Instructions have been issued to provide aviation security services with modern equipment for checking passengers and baggage.

The armed rail security services and transport police will carry out joint snap inspections and there will be checks of the security systems of harbour facilities and trade port engineering structures and of air security at air companies and airports.

[State communications body] Gossvyaz will take measures within a week to protect communications from criminal attacks. Postal workers get instruction and take part in special exercises to enable them to spot explosive and other dangerous substances.

Source: BBC Monitoring