Ukraine Pledges to Strictly Abide by Regulations on Arms Transfer

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukraine will abide by international regulations on arms transfer and seriously implement relevant resolutions of the UN Security Council and multinational agreements on arms control, Ukraine's Foreign Ministry said on Monday.

The statement came after a human rights group accused on Monday a Ukrainian company of exporting arms to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and revealed the details of agreements between the two sides.

A German radio station made public on Monday an investigation report of the human rights group Amnesty International on illegal arms exports to the DRC, in which the group said a Ukrainian company had illegally exported arms to the conflict-ridden African country, according to reports of the Interfax-Ukraine news agency.

Dmitry Svistkov, deputy chief of the press office of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, stressed that the authenticity of the report is yet to be proved, saying relevant institutions will carry out investigation on it.

Svistkov said Ukraine has established an effective arms export supervision mechanism, which can make sure that regulations of related international organizations are taken into consideration when transferring arms and military technology to other countries.

Source: China View