Top Kiev Beauties in Ugly Medvedchuk Row

KIEV, Ukraine -- A political patronage row has rocked the local beauty industry. It focuses around former Miss Ukraine Olexandra Nikolayenko, who represented Ukraine at the Miss Universe 2004 competition.

Olexandra Nikolayenko at the Miss Universe 2004 Competition

Miss Ukraine President Sergey Matyash claims Olexandra was sent to Ecuador as a direct result of pressure from Viktor Medvedchuk, then Head of the Presidential Administration.

He claims Olexandra brought an official letter from Medvedchuk 'suggesting' she be chosen, copies of which have made their way into the press. Lilya Kuznetsova of Miss Ukraine also confirmed that there was pressure on her from some high-level state officials and that she had personally received a phone call from Medvedchuk.

Olexandra Nikolayenko refutes the claims as nonsense while Medvedchuk, who surely has bigger worries these days, also denied the charges.

Source: What's On