Hewlett-Packard to Assemble its Personal Computers in Ukraine

KIEV, Ukraine -- Hewlett-Packard Company, the world’s leader in the field of the IT-solutions is contemplating the opportunity of starting to assemble its personal computers in Ukraine, according to a press release obtained by UNIAN from the Company.

Hewlett-Packard Desktop PC

In Ukraine Hewlett-Packard holds the leading position in categories of notebooks, printers and servers. The PC category of this global brand is not so well-known to Ukrainian users, even though Hewlett-Packard holds the 1st place in Europe in their PCs sales, — i.e. in the consumers’ preference (according to the IDS reports for 1st quarter 2000 thru 1st quarter 2005).

Such situation can only be explained by the fact that for a long time in this country because of the high import duty tax on PCs the latter’s prices have been unduly high. The production of PCs in Ukraine will allow considerable reduction of these products’ prices, thus making the HP quality more affordable both for corporate clients and for individual users. For the Hewlett-Packard company this is a strategically important step made in the Ukrainian market, for the consumers — it means the availability of the break-through technologies and more effective business time management.

According to Gilles Lambinet, Sales and Marketing Manager of Personal Systems Group in Europe, ISE region “the development of each new line of PCs requires the investment of approximately USD 8M, and new products are introduced several times a year. Only major international companies can afford to make such investments. However these expenses pay back in the reliable work of equipment and its ability to fully meet the demands of the consumers”.

The PC productions standards of HP guarantee to the Ukrainian user the same flawless product quality as it does in any other country of the world, since the company maintains one and the same QC system all over the world. For example, the testing manual is a 60-page book full of detailed instructions, each of which is mandatory for any HP factory producing desktops worldwide.

The information regarding all failures of the computers sold in Ukraine or any other country is accumulated in one global information database. This global system allows keeping a close eye on the HP computers’ components effectiveness all over the world — something that no local manufacturer can make possible. In 2004 for example, this database accumulated the information about 24 million of computers in 165 countries of the world.

The Hewlett-Packard PCs are supplied with the licensed Microsoft software. Together with Microsoft Corporation HP makes every effort to developing the civilized market and protection of the intellectual property.

Assembling PCs in Ukraine will give more flexibility to production as well as certain tactical advantages. This is especially important for large international customers that quite often require non-standard configurations while the delivery timing pays an important part in the choice of the supplier.

“As the economy of Ukraine develops itself the fact of world’s IT leaders entering its market becomes only natural and unavoidable.

Such giants as HP are capable of offering more to the consumer since their potential in the field of development and implementation of the new technologies is more powerful, and their experience in carrying out complex projects, organization of the production and business processes is immeasurable”— says Olivier Lerouge, PC systems supply chain department manager in Europe.

Projects like this one are bringing new jobs to this country, as well as new knowledge and technologies, plus contribute to the augmentation of the prestige, quality and competitiveness of the Ukrainian products at the world’s markets.

HP is the world’s largest supplier of the key technologies both for the corporate customers and the end users. The company offers the solutions in the field of IT-infrastructure, personal computing systems, services on system integration, service support and outsourcing, as well as printing and imaging devices for large enterprises, medium and small businesses and end users. During the last 4 quarters ending on April 30, 2005 the revenue of HP amounted to USD 8.3 billion.

Source: Unian


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