Gaultier Couture: Orange Revolution Chic

PARIS, France -- Fashion celebrated the biggest democratic win of the century Friday, when Jean Paul Gaultier presented a couture collection completely inspired by the Ukraine.

With Ukrainian first lady Kateryna Yushchenko sitting front row, Gaultier sent out peasant girl blouses, Cossack coats and traditional costumes all given his inimitable spin and twist.

It was very much a case of rock meets revolution with Yushchenko placed just a few seats down from Christina Aguilera. The traditionally scantily clad rocker has moved her look majorly upmarket this week in Paris. Aguilera attended shows by Christian Dior and Chanel with new Jean Harlow silver hair, and at Gaultier appeared just seconds before the show began in a sexily severe black suit.

In recent seasons, the appearance of rock stars at couture generally heralds their intention of creating a collection of their own – Puff Daddy, Gwen Stefani, Beyonce, to name a few, all did precisely that. So perhaps we can expect some Aguilera ready-to-wear in the near future.

Whether it will look anything like Gaultier's very fine collection seems unlikely, indeed impossible, given the remarkable level of quality and finish these clothes exuded.

It helped that Jean Paul's creative team was in fine fettle. Odile Gilbert, our vote for the world's best hair stylist, whipped up tentacle-like woven strands of hair that mimicked the traditional extensions of Ukrainian country lasses. Frederic Sanchez, the season's best DJ, sampled funk, Slavonic orchestral sounds and the occasional orgasmic yelp of a very happy girl, into a particularly memorable soundtrack that summed up with a French twist the political and sexual liberation of the eastern European country.

Highlights on the catwalk in Gaultier's 3rd arrondissement headquarters included a splendid cashmere coat with Saga mahogany mink trim worn by Erin O'Connor, a layered boyar coat in inky black cashmere, a magnificently cut Cossack's jacket with Jesuitical sleeves and a stunning mallard green pants suit that was so cool it left you shaking your head. But our favorite was a Romanian velvet blouson in cobalt blue with steel and pearl embroidery worn over butter-colored suede pants.

For evening, Gaultier displayed patchwork folkloric dresses that could only be made in Paris or maroon lace sheathes finished with embroidery of flowers from the Steppes.

Let's raise a glass to this great couture display, or come to think of it a shot of Nemiroff vodka and an amuse bouche of caviar, like those served at the show.

Source: Fashion Wire Daily