Belarus’ Lukashenko Accuses West of Intervention Plans

MINSK, Belarus -- Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has accused Western countries of attempting to destabilize the situation in the country. He did not rule out the possibility of intervention.

“We are heading into a very serious confrontation,” RIA-Novosti news agency quoted the Belarus leader as saying. “Of course, the Americans, the West will aim to destabilize the situation here in any possible way. They have worked out certain tactics that may include even intervention in our country.”

Speaking at a meeting on foreign and interior politics, Lukashenko said the Western countries have created bases to influence the situation in Belarus, such as “media, control and tracking from Lithuania and Poland. Currently, they are trying to involve Ukraine into this activity.”

He added that the foreign countries have activated control and intelligence services in Belarus and are going to “create certain groups that will head for Minsk when needed and will make a revolution in the main square. Well-known organizations will be concentrated on the territory of Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine. They even try to create such detachments in Russia.” Lukashenko recalled the so-called “orange revolution” in Ukraine late last year that started from opposition protest rallies on the main square of the Ukrainian capital of Kiev.

“I want to warn that we are aware of it. And we know how to oppose the intervention. I am not threatening anyone, but everybody should understand that I, as an elected head of state, will defend my people in all accessible ways provided by the Constitution,” Lukashenko said.

The Belarusian leader added that he had earlier discussed the recent revolutions in former Soviet republics with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin. “I cannot say that we are as worried about revolutionary changes in Belarus and Russia as media report. There will be no revolution either in Belarus, or in Russia, we have agreed about that.”

He added that Russia widely supports Belarus on foreign issues and would consider “a revolution in Belarus as a revolution in Moscow.”

Source: MosNews