U.S. Businessman Regrets Showing Diamond Ring After Putin Pockets It

MOSCOW, Russia -- Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots football team claims he may have lost a priceless keepsake when he handed his Super Bowl ring to Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting in the Kremlin on June 25.

President Vladimir Putin (C), at right is head of the Kraft group of companies Robert Kraft

Kraft reportedly showed his diamond-encrusted 2005 Super Bowl ring to Putin at a meeting of American business executives in Russia, and after trying on the ring the Russian president pocketed it and left the meeting, Associated Press reported.

It was not immediately clear whether Kraft intended for Putin to keep the ring. A Patriots spokesman said the owner is still traveling in Europe and was not available for comment.

Kraft handed out Super Bowl rings to players and coaches during a gathering at his Brookline home two weeks ago. The team would not say how much each ring is worth, other than it cost much more than $15,000.

Source: MosNews


Expressyourself said…
Very interesting Blog!
Alexis Preatori said…
That's a nasty way to use your power as president of a country. Kraft should have just left the ring home. He should have just wear a sapphire ring instead or any other ring.
Iguana Mom said…
this story is unbelievable. it's 8 years old. It doesn't look like a bunch of body guards are standing around Putin as he escapes with a ring. I think it has to do with US Foreign policy, or maybe that super rich mutl billionaires think a dollar tip is really doing someone a favor.
Imagine if you could call the white house to cry that Vladimir Putin hurt your fee-fees.
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