UMC to Improve the Quality of Its Network With Motorola's Services

KIEV, Ukraine -- Motorola Inc. and UMC, a 100 percent affiliated company of OSJC "Mobile Telesystems", today announced a three-year contract for the managed optimization of the operator's wireless network in eight major cities of Ukraine.

The optimization services managed by Motorola will help UMC improve its network, currently serving more than nine million subscribers nationwide and growing at a rate of several million subscribers a year. The operator also services the majority of Ukraine's corporate subscribers, for whom quality is paramount.

The vigorous growth of UMC subscriber base spurred a need for implementing the latest in optimization technology in order to maintain and improve a high quality of service. UMC selected Motorola's multi-vendor optimization service on the basis of a successful pilot project completed earlier this year in Kharkiv.

The subscribers' experience is expected to be enhanced as Motorola applies its technology to help improve the existing UMC network. According to the terms of the contract, UMC network will undergo continuous monitoring and enhancement for the next three years, in addition to an ongoing expansion of coverage.

"UMC has the largest mobile network in Ukraine, with over nine million people talking an average of 130 minutes per month. There is no other network like that in Ukraine. Our tremendous growth over the past years has taken a big strain on the organization, prompting us to look at new cost-effective ways to improve the quality of our service. This is why we decided to work with Motorola, which has a huge worldwide experience with the most modern and sophisticated tools available in the present market," said UMC CEO Eric Franke. "The managed network optimization project carried out by Motorola is an important step toward providing our customers throughout Ukraine with a world-class communication experience."

The technology behind the quality improvement is Motorola's multi-vendor GSM Radio Access Network (RAN) Optimization Service successfully trialled earlier in the Kharkiv region. The pilot project resulted in a remarkable improvement in network quality: the number of dropped calls decreased by 26 percent and the mean time between dropped calls increased. In addition, the volume of traffic across the network grew considerably, contributing to increased call revenue(1).

The three-year managed optimization service by Motorola will cover eight cities with highest concentration of mobile users throughout Ukraine - Kyiv, Donetsk, Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk, Odesa, Kharkiv, Simferopol and Lugansk.

"Motorola's managed RAN optimization service, based on actual user data, provides an innovative and proven alternative to traditional optimization methods and particularly helps to improve performance in a multi-vendor environment," said Margaret Rice-Jones, corporate vice president Motorola Inc., and regional manager of Motorola Networks EMEA. "Motorola is delighted to be working with UMC for the next three years bringing our experience and knowledge of optimizing multi-vendor networks to Ukraine's leading mobile operator. Together we will offer a greater quality of service to UMC's customers and subscribers."

Source: Yahoo News