Ukrainian Hacker Detained After Stealing $300,000 From Western Bank Accounts

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukrainian police have detained an Internet conman who devised a scheme that allowed him to transfer money from other people’s accounts to his own. Altogether, he stole $300,000 from U.S. and European citizens, the Gazeta website reported Friday.

Back in 2003 the conman, an IT specialist from the Ukrainian town of Khartsizsk, came up with a way of making some easy money. Using cracked credit card pincodes, he transferred small sums of money from the U.S. and European accounts to his own.

The hacker then received cash from different banks with a counterfeit passport and spent it on real estate and cars.

He also used “on-line” cash in U.S. and European-based Internet shops to buy office equipment and mobile phones.

Over a period of two years the man managed to steal $300,000.

Source: MosNews