Ukrainian Deputies to Listen to Piskun Talking in Private

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukrainian Supreme Rada’s committee for organized crime fighting will go through a possible ouster of Prosecutor General of Ukraine Svyatoslav Piskun. The formal cause is telephone conversations unveiled via Internet. But the analysts say the true reason is the witch-hunt unleashed by Piskun that may materially hinder reputation of President Viktor Yushchenko.

Prosecutor General of Ukraine Svyatoslav Piskun

Criminal cases in today’s Ukraine are multiplying like clones. For instance, arrest of Commander of Ukrainian Peace Forces in Iraq Major General Sergey Savchenko was announced Monday. The General is accused of $300,000 cross-border fraud. The money was discovered in Borispol Airport when checking a special flight that delivered a body of a slain officer from Iraq.

On the same day, June 13, the prosecutors initiated a criminal case against Vladimir Satsyuk, former 1st deputy head of Security Service of Ukraine. Despite that Victor Yushchenko was allegedly poisoned in his summer cottage on September 5, 2004, the charges brought in against Satsyuk have nothing to do with it but stipulate abuse of office, forgery by an official, usage of forged documents.

Many in today’s political elite say the infinite activity of the prosecutors does no good to the image of Ukrainian authorities, and first of all, to the reputation of President Yushchenko.

Despite speculations, Supreme Rada’s committee for organized crime fighting has put forward quite different claims to the prosecutor. Internet audience got the chance last week to enjoy reading the recorded telephone conversations between Piskun and John Herbst, U.S. ambassador in Ukraine, and between Piskun and Viktor Pinchuk, businessman and son-in-law of Ukrainian former president Leonid Kuchma. In particular, Herbst asks Piskun to help a certain clergyman against whom a criminal case was initiated, in exchange for every possible assistance. As to Pinchuk, to-date of the conversation, Piskun has been reinstated in the office of Prosecutor General and needed Pinchuk’s backing to prevent opposition of his farther-in-law, then the president of Ukraine.

Source: Kommersant