Ukraine’s Yushchenko Does Not See Major EU Crisis

KIEV, Ukraine -- The constitutional crisis in the European Union will be temporary and will not impede Ukraine’s European vocation, the country’s President Viktor Yushchenko said in an interview with the Le Figaro daily ahead of his one-day visit to Paris.

President Viktor Yushchenko

“I am persuaded that with time, things will calm down and the European project will get a second wind,” Yushchenko said. “In addition, I am convinced that Europe cannot be reduced to the European Union. Ukraine is an ambitious country, and I do not want to waste my time in demonstrating that the Ukrainians are also Europeans,” said Yushchenko, leader of the Western-backed democratic “Orange revolution” last year.

Yushchenko has made accession to the European Union a top priority of his administration and Kiev’s EU ambitions were top of the agenda during his talks with President Jacques Chirac.

“History reminds us that we have always been an integral part of the continent,” Yushchenko said. “No one has the right to exclude or not to exclude this or that country.”

He praised the role that Poland and Lithuania, both EU members, had played in supporting the orange revolutions, saying that the older members of the EU and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe would have acted more cautiously.

At the same time the western-oriented Ukrainian president stressed that Europe should not treat Russia as its enemy. “I think that finally Russia will join Europe,” he said adding that before Moscow has to accept the European “political alphabet”.

Source: MosNews