Ukraine Hopes to Secure WTO Membership in October

KIEV, Ukraine -- President Viktor Yushchenko said on Friday Ukraine hoped to secure membership of the World Trade Organisation by October and intended to complete all legal requirements to meet that deadline, Reuters reported.

“Our aim is to secure membership at the October session of the WTO. To do that, 21 more laws must be adopted. All the rest is done,” Yushchenko told the closing session of a meeting of the World Economic Forum.

“All 21 laws are on the agenda of (parliament’s) chairman. I am not saying the procedure is easy. But the formal part is completed. Only the political part remains and we see this as a homework assignment to be completed.”

Ex-Soviet Ukraine sees acquiring international status as a market economy and WTO membership as the first stages in a long process of moving closer to Europe and eventually joining the European Union.

A senior WTO official this month said neither Ukraine nor neighboring Russia stood much chance of winning membership this year. But he said final documents for both could be prepared for the WTO’s bi-annual ministerial conference in December in Hong Kong, Reuters adds.

WTO working groups on the accessions are to report on the status of both applications in September.

Source: MosNews