Russia Starts Blackmailing Ukraine

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukraine’s entry into the European Union or the WTO under existing conditions will result automatically in its refusal to join the SES.

This was announced by the deputy of the State Duma of Russia, the Chairman of Committee on Foreign Economic Relations for the Russia’s Chamber of Commerce, Sergey Glasyev at a press conference.

Sergey Glasyev

“When your Economy Minister declares, that it is possible to enter the WTO while saving the agreements on free trade with Russia, this is either the deceit of public opinion or self-delusion. Double standards are inadmissible in foreign affairs”, he marked.

"When Ukraine joins the EU, it will buy gas at the same prices, as Germany, for example. It will also result in introduction of visa regime between Ukraine and Russia", stressed Glazyev.

"By my information, a few months ago the Ukrainian colleagues, when negotiating with the WTO, drastically yielded their positions, foremost Ukrainian delegation agreed to cut import tariffs for several thousands of trade positions", he noted.

According to Glazyev, it affects the protection for the Ukrainian markets of agricultural, chemical metallurgical and forestry products.

"Ukraine jumped to open its market in 18 major economic fields to follow out the negotiations on joining the WTO. By our information, Ukraine also agreed to sign practically all optional WTO agreements, including on aeronautical engineering trade", he proclaimed.

According to Glazyev, while Russia has succeeded to limit opening of service market, Ukraine practically completely opens this market for foreign companies.

Glazyev commented that "members of the Russia’s Chamber of Commerce were shocked at that fact". "They consider terms of Ukraine’s entry into the WTO unacceptable, and if it occurs, they plan to waive agreements on free trade", marked Glazyev.

Source: Ukrayinska Pravda