'Orange Opposition' Demonstration in Baku

BAKU, Azerbaijan -- Three prominent opposition parties of Azerbaijan, the Musavat, the People's Front of Azerbaijan (PFPA) and the Democratic Party of Azerbaijan, which from the Azatlik (Freedom) Group held a demonstration in the capital Baku Saturday. Thousands chanted slogans like "Freedom", "Democratic Elections" and "Resign".

Referring to the orange revolution in Ukraine, wearing cloths and holding orange flags, demonstrators often caused tension between the police and themselves. Some young demonstrators, however, handed out carnations to the police officers.

Many of the banners written in English demanded primarily support of the US and its president George W. Bush and the Western world in democratization process in the region. Ali Karimli, leader of the PFPA described President Ilham Aliyev's administration anti-democratic and claimed it was approached its end.

Indicating that if the current government does not resign, they would carry out a democratic revolution, Karimli said: " If attempts are made to falsify the parliamentary elections, using our constitutional rights, we will call on the people to rise in peaceful struggle against the current regime."

Musavat Party's Deputy President Arif Hacili, on the other side, called on the people to vote for democracy in the parliamentary elections.

Source: Zaman Daily