Eurocar to Begin Assembly of Volkswagen Passat B6 in Ukraine

UZHHOROD, Ukraine -- Eurocar company (Uzhhorod, Zakarpattia region) is going to begin a large-scale assembly of Volkswagen Passat B6 by September.

Eurocar general director Oleh Boiarin made this announcement. He said the assembly of the new model will begin on August 26. At the moment, the company assembles Volkswagen Passat B5.

Volkswagen Passat B6

"It is going to be a car on the new platform, more electronics, a different engine. It is going to be an absolutely different car," Boiarin said. Apart from that, Eurocar plans to begin assembly of Volkswagen Bora under the name VW Getta.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the company reduced production by 3.9% or 96 cars to 2,382 cars in January-May compared with the same period of 2004. In 2004, Eurocar increased production by 59.69% or 3,323 cars over 2003 to 8,890.

According to the Agency for Development of the Stock Market's Infrastructure, 68.8% of CJSC Eurocar shares belonged to Atoll Holding (Kyiv) as of December 2004. The same agency reported in April 2004 that 30.4% shares in Atoll Holding belonged to two private investors each, and one more individual held 14.2%.

Source: Ukrainian News Agency