The Communist Party of Ukraine Promises to Fight on Three Fronts

KIEV, Ukraine -- The popularity of Communist Party in Ukraine is decreasing in arithmetical progression. They even lost to socialists at the last presidential elections. According to sociological data they can expect 7% of votes instead of 19% they had in 2002. On Saturday and Sunday, having gathered for XXXIX congress, the communists had an excellent opportunity to think about that miserable situation they’re in. But the hope for the better future has won.

Communist Symonenko (2nd from left) at this year's May Day parade

"Do you know where the entrance is" - asked some grandpa in a nice suit, approaching KPI concert hall. Indeed, the congress took place without special tokens – no flags, no music; just a greeting at the entrance and bags with a red stick “XXXIX CPU congress” and Lenin’s portrait on them indicated the cause of meeting.

A babushka in shabby breeches and a beach hat, with a cigarette stuck in her teeth, sold “the last books on Marxism” – “Modern Stalinism in Europe”, “Marxism nowadays” and “Labor Russia”. Young fellows in Che Guevara T-shirts were selling “New Monday”.

There was a lot of similar garbage at the entrance and in the corridor of the concert hall. People looked it through but never bought. This literature could hardly make the long 14 hour meeting more exciting.

Having gone through the ritual of various secretariats and account commissions, the Communists could listen to their party leader.

Mr. Symonenko briefly and self-critically told about the last two years in party’s life.

“Despite political repressions, problems within the party and insane pressure from outside, severe class struggle during presidential elections, hesitation of certain comrades, the Communist Party of Ukraine has survived and kept promoting socialistic values…”, he started.

He underlined that pre-election campaign showed: the Communist party is now a brand new, powerful dynamic political force that has a scientifically worked out program…”

According to Symonenko, “the party took up the only correct decision to run for the president alone”.

“Unmistakably, we have foreseen that Kuchma, under US government pressure, will do everything possible to make Victor Yushchenko the president of Ukraine. Yanukovych was kind of a technical candidate”, CPU leader repeated his hackneyed thesis.

The rest is rhetoric. All the same for a hundred years already. Just changing the names:

“Ruling regime, personified by Kravchuk at first, then by Kuchma and Yushchenko now has concentrated unlimited authority in its hands and now, in fact, has reached total monocracy”…

“Kuchma has retired (with the full board though) but Kuchmism is still alive, moreover it has mutated and is still developing in this political system”….

“…new authorities obediently fulfill commands of their foreign masters selling property that has been constructed for years by our long-suffering people”…

“…the government is the most “business oriented” Cabinet of Ministers ever”…

“The screenplay of colored revolutions worked out by western spin doctors under ideological cover-up of banana revolt of millionaires against billionaires was just another rotation of teams of the same formation. The trough is the same, the pigs are different!”…

“Orange revolutionists gave people hope by their populist promises; they presented illusion of quick recovering, thus preserving inertia of people’s unjustified trust”…

“…pre-election babbling about fighting corruption and organized crime, bringing back illegally privatized enterprises and other important issues still remain just babbling”.

The key point of Symonenko’s report was the fact that Ukraine is going to be turned to NATO bridgehead and the place of showdown between comprador Ukrainian bourgeois and Russian oligarchs.

The term “comprador Ukrainian bourgeois” was repeatedly substituted by “nashists” or “fascist sonder-team”.

And of course, the immortal phrase of communists for the last 100 years: “Existing social-political system is decaying. It should be broken and altered”.

Symonenko also mentioned his brothers-in-arms in left front. CPU leader even set a problem of fighting those “werewolves” and exposure of “collaborationist” tops of SPU and Vitrenko’s PSPU.

“Today, SPU representatives neglected their voter’s interests. In terms of ideology they tend to veiled SDPU politics and collaboration with chauvinistic-anti-Semitic like Rogozin’s “Motherland”. SPU fraction in parliament openly defends interests of capital, having accepted Kuchma’s relatives and Lazarenko team’s members to their fraction”, Symonenko denounce SPU.

According to CPU leader, his party will fight on three fronts at the parliamentary elections: against “American nationalists”, “right-wing oppositionists” and “opportunists” from SPU and SPPU.

Symonenko is going to change old slogans (he didn’t specify them) and will work with youth. He warned that “Our Ukraine”, Yulia Tymoshenko’s Block and SPU “had secretly divided CPU votes”.

Thus, under clan dictatorship, to achieve maximal representation of workers’ class in local councils and the Verkhovna Rada, Symonenko is going to nominate 230 000 candidates. He warns that “victory or defeat in every region will determine the future of Ukraine”.

Symonenko’s report lasted for almost two hours and consisted of 67 printed pages. CPU members, being unable to take it, often dozed off. The 26th minute was a critical one for them when even the front row fell into light sleep. Presidium board members were a bit more enduring.

The chairman Adam Martynuyk pretended he was busy – he constantly looked through some papers. Valeria Zaklunna openly read party press and the guest from Moscow Gennady Zuyganov read some book. Mr. Grach propped up his head and Politburo just discussed their problems.

Hardly had Symonenko finished his report when people rushed to have a bite. And that’s clear – they were brought there at 7 AM and Symonenko was done at 1 PM. In general, people were eagerly waiting for each of the eight breaks during the two days of congress.

- Oh, I see our folks gladly seep beer, - said Politburo member to his friend.
- Huh, as well as vodka. You have in Balaklava that nice cafe, they have real meat there, - the switched to cuisine topics, which, together with impressions form Kyiv, were predominant talks at the breaks.

At the sittings it was rather difficult to get what almost 30 foreign guests from Moldova, Russia, Cuba, France and other countries were trying to say.

Mostly local party members confessed less people entered CPU; some of them confessed some CPU members served two masters (Symonenko and Yanukovych). They requested transportation and means of communication so that people’s deputies visited villages.

Socialists and Nasha Ukraina were repeatedly cursed. The latter was mentioned more often. Some grandma organized hunting for a 18 year old lad, who, having entered SPU, came to communist congress with a friend. Having written 7 notes to presidium she didn’t calm down till the “spy was asked to leave”.

“They stole our slogans”, somebody uttered complain. “We don’t need any real program, we do need social revolution”, the man persuaded the audience.

Comrade from Luhansk was really bothered with Yushchenko’s proposal to reconcile UPA and Red Army veterans. He offered to count UPA victims as the answer to accusations of communists’ guilt of starvation in 1933.

“They accuse us of starvation – we have UPA”, he offered without realizing that the number of victims can’t be even compared.

Another ordinary communist offered “to correct mistakes in history textbooks” and “oppose Bologna process to recognize Ukrainian diploma abroad”. Although, he supported fighting bribery in higher educational establishments.

Recognizing the work of central party committee satisfactory and approving report of controlling council was a must for each speaker.

Despite Symonenko’s work was not praised, his brothers-in-arms do not have alternative to him. Leonid Grach, having spent three years in parliament has lost his authority. That’s why his speech criticizing CPU tops, who came down to collaboration with Nasha Ukraine in 2002, was frostily met.

“Yeah, you criticize, and what have YOU done?”, sounded from the back of the hall.

Having dismissed about two thousand members for collaboration with Yanukovych and Yushchenko (the latter was especially popular in Donetsk and Crimea), communists don’t rush to carry out reforms within the party.

The main specialty of the congress – people’s deputy Kateryna Samoylyk, whose work in the Ministry of Youth and Sport, in unlikely to be included in the Central Committee.

As to the party leader, he should be re-nominated at the closed party meeting after the congress. The procedure was to go off smoothly and without excesses.

So, for 12 years Petr Mykolayovych will run the party and maybe just defeat at the election might shake his positions.

For the time being ordinary communists estimate their chances as from 5% to 50%. At the same time they do realize that their only chance is that either the “new administration will undermine its authority” or the old regime will restore authority it never had”.

Source: Ukrayinska Pravda