11 Killed in Ukrainian Fishing Boat Fire in Uruguay Port

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay -- 11 people were found dead aboard a Ukrainian-flagged fishing vessel that caught fire in the port of Montevideo. Firefighters on Thursday recovered their badly burned remains, The Associated Press reported. One of the victims is a Ukrainian national.

Uruguayan army ships battle to control a fire on a Ukranian fishing vessel

The “Simeiz,” carrying a crew of 39, caught fire before dawn Wednesday in the harbor in the Uruguayan capital. But authorities said they had to wait until flames were out to board the vessel for fear that flammable refrigerants used in onboard freezers might explode.

A spokesman for the firefighters, Jorge Roqueta, said the victims were found in their bunks and that the bodies were so badly burned that it was difficult to identify the remains.

Roqueta said the dead included nine Chinese, an Indonesian and a Ukrainian. Other crew safely accounted for included Peruvians, Spanish and Russian workers, he added.

The fire on the ship, a modern vessel nearly 200 feet long, sent black plumes high over Montevideo’s harbor.

Roqueta said authorities were only beginning to investigate the fire, which swept through about 40 percent of the vessel but did not reach the engine room or the command deck.

The ship arrived in port on Monday. Montevideo is a busy port for ships heading to and from fishing grounds off the southernmost point of South America.

Source: MosNews