We, the People of Eurovision...

KIEV, Ukraine -- This year the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) is introducing a new concept, which will happen during Eurovision week.

The National Television Channel of the Ukraine and CFC Consulting Company, who are official partners of the Eurovision 2005, have decided to hold an art exhibition with the theme "We, the people of Eurovision". According to Marina Skomorohova the project manager the exhibition symbolizes unity of the peoples of Europe by the power of music.

Every participating country has been asked to take to Kyiv one art piece and one photo representing the citizens of the country. These items will be exhibited at the Sports Palace, official venue of ESC 2005, from the 16th to the 21st of May. One winner, for each category, will be chosen out of all participants. The stars and heads of delegation of the ESC-2005 will be the judges of the contest. The winners will be awarded prizes and certificates.

For this exhibition Malta will be represented by the contemporary artist Norbert Francis Attard, and the photo artist Kevin Casha.

The art object, by Norbert Francis Attard, is an interactive sculpture, titled swing. Swing consists of a pair of link chains and a pair of replica military guns with barrels welded opposing each other. They form a seat slung between the chains hung from the ceiling. For the artist this symbolizes freedom opposing the confinement that war imposes on people.

The photo, by Kevin Casha, portrays two young woman as the subject and is titled New Horizons for New Generations.

This exhibition intends to give a new dimension to the Eurovision Song Contest, it opens another window for other art forms to be appreciated.

Source: di-ve