Victor Yuschenko: Ukraine’s Jews Will Live Better Than in Israel

KIEV, Ukraine -- During a recent meeting between the President of Ukraine, Victor Yuschenko, and representatives of North American Jewish organizations, the Ukrainian leader expressed that state authorities in Ukraine want to do everything possible so that "any Jew residing in Ukraine will say that he lives better here than he would live in Israel.”

Their meeting took place on Monday and focused on issues related to the national minorities residing in Ukraine. President Yuschenko emphasized that there is no place for xenophobia, anti-Semitism and inter-ethnic conflict in Ukraine, an idea that he has expressed on several occasions prior.

"We guarantee equal rights to all national communities in Ukraine, including the Jewish community," he added. The Ukrainian President also assured the guests that the country would place special emphasis on creating worthy conditions for all ethnic communities that reside on the territory of Ukraine.

The Jewish leaders, who were visiting from North America, expressed their respect for President Yuschenko as a person "who is re-building civil society in Ukraine".

Source: FJC News