Ukrainians Aware of Yushchenko’s Corruption Fight

KIEV, Ukraine -- Many adults in Ukraine commend their government’s efforts to combat illegal activity, according to a poll by the Razumkov Center. 23.1 per cent of respondents believe much has been done in the fight against corruption, while 53.8 per cent say some measures have been taken.

Viktor Yushchenko won last December’s presidential election in Ukraine, with 51.99 per cent of the vote in an unprecedented third round against Viktor Yanukovych. The head of state vowed to fight corruption and develop a closer relationship with the European Union (EU).

In February, Yushchenko said his administration would verify the privatization deals signed by previous governments. Several state-run enterprises were sold during the tenure of head of state Leonid Kuchma. Yushchenko has promised to develop a specific list of deals that "will be limited and final and will not be extended after its completion."

The once state-administered Kryvorizhstal steel mill—considered as one of the world’s most profitable—was bought in 2004 by a consortium that includes Kuchma’s son-in-law Viktor Pinchuk. Yushchenko said the mill had been "stolen" and vowed to "return it to the nation."

On May 13, former governor of Transcarpathia Ivan Rizak was arrested. Rizak faces several corruption charges, including extortion and electoral fraud. Borys Kolesnykov—the Donetsk regional council chairman—is currently awaiting trial on similar violations.

Polling Data

Would you say the government has done much, some or nothing in the fight against corruption?

Much has been done - 23.1%

Some has been done - 53.8%

Nothing has been done - 15.0%

No answer - 8.1%

Source: Razumkov Center. Methodology: Interviews to 2,010 Ukrainian adults, conducted from Apr. 23 to Apr. 28, 2005. Margin of error is 2.3 per cent.

Source: Angus Reid Consulting