Ukrainian Privatization "Black List" Leaked

MOSCOW, Russia -- The influential Russian business daily Kommersant has published what it says is a leaked list of 29 companies in Ukraine whose privatization will be reviewed by the new government. Ukrainian officials had previously confirmed the existence of the list but refused to say which companies were on it. Kommersant said it received the list from a source in the Ukrainian president's secretariat. Four of the companies are Russian-owned, the paper said.

President Viktor Yushchenko called last month for a definitive list of privatization deals subject to review to be published in order to end uncertainty among investors. But Prime Minister Yuliya Tymoshenko expressed doubts about the legality of such a list. She said that in order to avoid accusations of bias, the cabinet of ministers would instead submit a bill to parliament setting out clear criteria for a review of
dubious privatization deals.

Reversing controversial sales of big companies during former President Leonid Kuchma's tenure is one of the new government's key policy priorities. But the government indicated that it would allow the present owners to keep their assets if they meet the highest bid at an auction and pay the difference between the price they paid and the real market price. It also stressed that there would be no massive reprivatization campaign in Ukraine.

The following is the list of companies published by Kommersant:

1. Open Joint Stock Company Kryvorizhstal - (steel giant sold to a consortium of Ukrainian tycoons Rinat Akhmetov and Viktor Pinchuk)
2. Open Joint Stock Company Central Ore Enrichment Plant
3. Open Joint Stock Company Nothern Ore Enrichment Plant
4. Open Joint Stock Company Inhuletskyy Ore Enrichment Plant
5. Open Joint Stock Company Sukha Balka Ore Enrichment Plant
6. Open Joint Stock Company Kryvyy Rih Iron Ore Plant
7. Open Joint Stock Company Novotroitsk Ore Directorate
8. Open Joint Stock Company Dokuchayiv Dolomite Flux Plant
9. Open Joint Stock Company Kryvbasvzryvprom [Kryvyy Rih Basin Explosive Industry]
10.Open Joint Stock Company Nikopol Ferrous Alloys Plant (owned by Ukrainian tycoon Viktor Pinchuk)
11.Open Joint Stock Company Severodonetsk Azot Plant
12.Open Joint Stock Company Zaporizhzhia Aluminium Plant (Russian-owned)
13.Open Joint Stock Company Mykolayiv Alumina Plant (Russian-owned)
14.Open Joint Stock Company Lukor (Russian-owned chemicals company)
15.Open Joint Stock Company Rosava (Russian-owned car tyre manufacturer)
16.State Company Black Sea Shipyard
17.Halychyna Oil Refinery
18.Open Joint Stock Company Rivneazot
19.Open Joint Stock Company Dnipropetrovsk Dzerzhynskyy Metallurgical Plant National 20.Joint-Stock Insurance Company Oranta
21.Open Joint Stock Company Nikopol Southern Pipe Production Plant
22.Open Joint Stock Company Pure Metals
23.Open Joint Stock Company Azovmash
24.Open Joint Stock Company Kherson Shipyard
25.Open Joint Stock Company Rubizhne Cardboard Plant
26.Open Joint Stock Company Kherson Cotton Plant
27.Open Joint Stock Company Ukrpapirprom [Ukrainian Paper Industry]
28.Irshansk Ore Enrichment Plant
29.Volnohirsk Ore Enrichment Plant

Source: Kommersant