Ukraine's Premier Stays on Russia's Wanted List

MOSCOW, Russia -- Yulia Tymoshenko, Ukrainian prime minister, stays on the international wanted list. "Russia has not cancelled search for her," Alexander Savenkov, Military Prosecutor General, said at a RIA Novosti conference today.

"There is a criminal case on which the facts of Yulia Tymoshenko's wrongful acts are investigated, and her file has not been modified. The investigation is going on, and a judicial verdict on the measure of restrain remains valid," he said.

"There are no obstacles for her to pursue her prime-ministerial duties, including her visits to Russia, because being the head of the government, she has immunity," the prosecutor said.

The Russian Military Prosecutor General's Office had indicted Tymoshenko for bribing certain officers of Russia's Defense Ministry to entice them into signing contracts lucrative to her.

The Ukrainian premier flatly refused to go to Russia for questioning and Russia applied for her international search to be launched.

Source: RIA Novosti