Ukraine President Transforming Country into a Nation of God

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukraine President Yushenko listed earlier this year his agenda for the country. Since then he has gone about transforming the nation's leadership into a unit focusing and being led by God - something unprecedented in the Eastern European country.

In his agenda he imposed a clear historical new stand against corruption said Pastor Sunday Adelaja of the embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for All Nations – Europe’s largest church in Kiev.

President Yushchenko in St. Yura Cathedral in Lviv

Assist News service reported how Adelaja has reported encouraging news from the Eastern Europe country. Assist quoted Adelaja as saying, "For the first time in the history of Ukraine, the President invited the entire country to join him for a second public Inauguration and Oath of Office on Independence Square. Following the Inauguration on Sunday, January 23, he started his first working day with public prayer and blessing. He invited the heads of all Ukrainian Christian denominations to join him."

He continued, "This is a totally new thing for our nation. Remember, Ukraine is a former communist society."

President Yushenko has also made the decision to choose a woman – Yulia Timoshenko – as the Ukrainian Prime Minister to lead the Parliament.

Adelaja said of Timoshenko, "She is not simply the most popular politician in Parliament, she is a born-again, Spirit-filled believer."

President Yushenko shocked the country, Adelaja reported, when he took his stern stance against corruption. The President made three main points:

1) "My government will NOT STEAL! I know it is a fantasy in Ukraine to hear this, but I assure you that this government will not steal anything from the public. I take full responsibility for my government's actions.

2) "My government will never give or receive bribes! I demand this standard from every member of this government and I say right now, that if anyone is caught giving or taking a bribe, he will suffer the full penalty of the law. I also would like to say that if you catch any member of this government in bribery or theft, it is your responsibility, as citizens, to please report the situation to me, that I might take immediate action.

3) "To the Parliament, I want you to know that we will never use money to shift lobby votes! That practice has ended, as of today! I demand that the principle of openness, transparency and uprightness filter throughout every department and cabinet. No decision should be taken in secret. Everything must be done openly and in public view."

Prime Minister Timoshenko then joined the President and made one simple point: "Our government has come to the conclusion that Ukraine can never rise on her feet until she bows down her knees before the Almighty God."

Adelaja continued to tell of the shock of the people as the country’s leaders bring the country close to God, "This takes us back to the Monday morning when the President started his work. After the prayer and blessing, he took his wife and children a few steps closer to the altar, and they bowed down on their knees, bringing the nation before the Lord. This is an unprecedented act in this part of the world and all the media and priests could do was stand in awe, and shock at what was happening."

After Yulia Timoshenko's program was announced, the Ministers were named, Adelaja reports.

Adelaja then told at the amazing twist of the history of God, as the new head of the SBU (Ukrainian KGB) was announced as Alexander Turshinov. This person, he told, is a believer who grew up in a Baptist family during the Communist regime. Now he will lead the organisation that once tried to destroy everything that he believes in.

Other new Christian ministerial appointments are the positions held by the Minister of Culture: a born-again Catholic woman, and the Personal Advisor to the President, Leonid Chernovetskiy, a member of Adelaja's church.

Adelaja concluded, "We know that the changes taking place here in Ukraine are born from above, and they are proving to be both encouraging and highly delightful! May you rejoice with us as we keep believing God for total transformation. Nothing is impossible for the Lord!"

Source: Christian Today