Russia’s Roshal, Ukraine’s Yushchenko Among Europe’s Stars

MOSCOW, Russia -- Russian famous doctor Leonid Roshal and Ukraine’s president Viktor Yushchenko have been included in the list of 25 Stars of Europe issued by BusinessWeek magazine.

Roshal and Yushchenko are among five top agenda setters, along with Serbia and Montenegro’s Natasa Kandic, founder and director of Humanitarian Law Center, Britain’s Ben Verwaayen, chief executive of BT Group, and Luxembourg’s Bo Vesterdorf, president of the Court of First Instance.

Roshal, 71, director of Moscow Institute of Emergency children’s surgery department, became famous after negotiations with terrorists that seized the theater in Moscow in October 2002. After that, in September 2004, when the armed gang seized the school in Beslan, the gunmen requested Roshal to come for the talks. He also helped save children’s lives after both tragedies. He was awarded as a Hero of Russia after the 2002 theater siege.

Yushchenko became president of Ukraine in December 2004, after a scandal connected with reports on falsification of the election results. His rival, the then Ukrainian prime minister Viktor Yanukovich supported by Kremlin was announced winner in the second round but Yushchenko registered a claim to the Supreme Court. After Yushchenko’s supporters organized a wave of protest that was called “orange revolution” for the color of their clothing and banners, he won in the rerun. The magazine called him a revolutionary leader “in the tradition of Vaclav Havel, Lech Walesa, and more recently, Georgia’s Mikheil Saakashvili.”

Source: MosNews