Poll Says Russian Spin Doctors Bracing for “Velvet Revolution"

MOSCOW, Russia -- 58 percent of Russian experts, who have taken part in the latest poll, believe that the country may soon face a regime change similar to the recent “velvet revolutions” in former Soviet states, Georgia, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan. Less than a year ago only 28 percent of analysts shared this view, Nezavisimaya Gazeta daily reported.

Russian Demonstrators with a Banner Reading “Government Greasing, People Starving"

Center of Public Opinion Studies Glas Naroda (Voice of the People) polled 42 Moscow political scientists and 120 experts from Russian regions. Most of them said the revolution may happen even before the 2008 presidential elections, but at the same time express concern that radical nationalists may come to power after the collapse of Putin’s regime.

In December 2004, by the time Georgia’s charismatic Mikhail Saakashvili had forced former Soviet-era leader Eduard Shvarnadze to resign and Ukraine’s “Orange Revolution” was in full swing, more than a half of experts from Moscow and 69 percent of regional specialists insisted that a similar developments would never happen in Russia.

But Ukraine, Glas Naroda says, has proved that the revolution is possible even in the country where economical situation is quite stable, and power clans are mighty. Moreover, Kyrgyzstan has shown that even a weak opposition can succeed.

Presenting the poll, Glas Naroda, however, underlined that it shows only the opinions of experts, but not Russian citizens.

Source: MosNews