Orange Revolution Comes to Paris

KIEV, Ukraine -- After 100 days, the Ukrainian Orange Revolution went over to Europe. In France it became the object of a book that just has come out in Paris “Even the snow was falling orange” (Les petits matins publishing house).

This book relates the events happened in Ukraine on last November and December. Through a number of the reports, it relates, how the power clan was forced to capitulate before the protesters.

They took bitterly the Maidan in hard frost all 17 nights and 17 days long. The author got in behind the scenes of the revolution in order to disclose the persons who led it and why they did it.

The author reports how, at the height of the revolution the Russian Embassy held the New Year reception at the premises of the KGB.

The author discloses, how the young leaders of PORA, settling at the private pub on Khreschshatyk street directed its troops, and worked out the strategy how to complicate the life of Mr Kuchma.

The author reveals how the power was tempted to use force against the rally on the night of 28 November, and why they failed.

Alain Guillemoles, French journalist, is the author of the book. He covered the Orange revolution, he had been constant correspondent in Ukraine in 1995-1996. The book includes up to three dozens snapshots, black and white, by Syril Horiszny, which restitutes the atmosphere of the revolution.

Source: Pravda UA