Induction of 40 U.S. Peace Corps Volunteers to Take Place in Kiev

KIEV, Ukraine -- On Wednesday a ceremony will take place at the historic Ukrainian Teacher's House, at which U.S. Ambassador John Herbst will administer the oath of service to forty new Volunteers.

The new Volunteers will solemnly promise to promote Peace Corps' principles of respect and friendship across national and cultural boundaries as they serve in institutions across the country.

U.S. Ambassador John Herbst

Peace Corps Ukraine is the largest Peace Corps Country Program of more than seventy Country Programs worldwide.

Peace Corps was established in Ukraine based on a Bilateral Agreement signed in May 1992 by Ukrainian President Leonid Kravchuk and American President George Bush. The Peace Corps Ukraine Program offers practical language and management skills education to Ukrainian people in support of the Ukrainian Government's goals of entry into the global economic community and accession to the European Union.

The new group of Volunteers will be working in the framework of two projects - Youth Development and Economic Development. 23 Volunteers to be sworn in under the Youth Development Project will teach youth between the ages of 12 and 18 civic responsibility, healthy lifestyles, leadership, computers and Internet technology, basic business skills, and good environmental practices. They will work in rural and economically disadvantaged areas in 9 oblasts of Ukraine.

17 Economic Development Volunteers will work in local universities, NGOs, and municipalities teaching management skills and economics, facilitating community development, strengthening participation in civil society by teaching critical thinking, strategic planning, leadership, project design and implementation, gender education, and other subjects.

Over the past thirteen years Peace Corps Volunteers in Ukraine have taught, worked alongside and otherwise impacted more than one million Ukrainians. At present 298 Peace Corps Volunteers are working in more than 160 Ukrainian villages, towns and cities in 24 oblasts and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

The ceremony will feature speeches by U.S. Ambassador Herbst and dignitaries from the Ukrainian National and Regional Governments, including representatives of the Ministry of Economy and European Integration, the Ministry of Education and Science, and the Ministry for Youth and Sports. Peace Corps is funded by American taxpayers.

The organization promotes peace and friendship among peoples of different nationalities and cultures. During over four decades, Peace Corps has worked in more than 120 countries. In Ukraine Peace Corps sponsors three main program activities: Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Economic Development, and Youth Development.

Source: UNIAN