Hearts Lit All Over Ukraine Open The Eurovision Song Contest 2005

KIEV, Ukraine -- The celebrations in the heart of Ukrainian capital is the final chord of a key large communicational program “Ukraine the Heart of Europe” created and implemented by Kyivstar company to show the atmosphere of the European holiday of music to every citizen who doesn’t have an opportunity to attend the Song Contest at Sports Palace but wants to be involved in such a tremendous event of Ukrainian life.

That’s why Kyivstar Company decided to fill Ukrainian Eurovision with bright memorable events making its own contribution to consolidate the interaction between Ukraine and foreign countries. As Vasyl Vovkun pointed out, the art show idea is calling up with Eurovision stylistics expressed by words “awakening in a mystical forest”.

The organizers say that the opening of Olympic Games exemplified the Eurovision show on Maidan. “All modern show elements including coloured smoke, pyrotechnical effects, garlands, “golden” rain, torches, bright cloths, huge balloons as well as the release of fifty-thousand small ones in the shape of hearts will be used. And anyone who wishes can become a part of this event and demonstrate that our country is a big “heart” of Europe”, said a well known Ukrainian producer Vasyl Vovkun. The initiator of the “European heart beating” Kyivstar has engaged the assistance of Vasyl Vovkun and his team from “Art-Veles” art agency, to organize the art show that will be taking place on Maydan Nezalezhnosti.

The show is comprised of three parts. According to plan, the fantasy art show will start with the performances by collectives of the best-known Ukrainian choreographic and music studios. Their artistic works are called “Awakening”, “The First Thunder”, “Spring Downpour”, “Blossoming”, “The playing of Rays”, and “Sun”.

In the second part of the Art-show “Ukraine – The Heart of Europe” groups and musicians who participated in the selection process for Eurovision 2005 will participate: “Talita Kum”, “NeDilya”, “Daleko”, “Shastia”, “Mad Heads”, “Motor’rolla”, “Mandry” and “Tartak”. Their performances will be accompanied by theatrical choreographed compositions as well. This is the first time that all the choreographic groups have performed together – they are uniting in a joint musical-choreographed composition “Ukraine – The Heart of Europe”.

In the third part, culmination of the celebratory event is to declare Ukraine united with Europe. The singer Ruslana, who brought Eurovision from Istanbul to Kyiv, will play a main role here. Together with the children’s collective she will give everyone who gathered on Maydan Nezalezhnosti, the gift of the premiere and the musical symbol of Eurovision, the new song “In the Rhythm of the Heart”, created with the support of Kyivstar specially for the Song Contest.

The winner of last year’s Eurovision will also light the symbolic “heart” of Ukraine, which will represent the union of all Ukrainians and will become an original greeting for the opening of Eurovision 2005. A “heart” of a pyrotechnical fountain will provide a neo-new light over Maydan Nezalezhnosti throughout the entire period of the contest – until May 22. The conclusion of the Art-show “Ukraine – The Heart of Europe” is the fireworks, which will be accompanied by a laser graphics depicting the map of Ukraine, which will burn with the city-hearts. This laser-pyrotechnical show will last for 10 minutes.

The symbolic Eurovision opening will be held in the cities of Odesa, Kharkiv, Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk and Donetsk. Concurrently with Kyiv, 5 girls with the name Ruslana will light Ukrainian “hearts” at 9.15 p.m. sharp. These celebrations also symbolize the unity of all Ukrainians.

Source: Kyivstar