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KIEV, Ukraine -- This week in Kyiv hardly anyone’s talking about anything else than the Eurovision Song Contest. Beginning May 18 with a three-hour show at Independence Square, Europe’s biggest music spectacle will be staged by Volodymyr Vovkun, the director of President Viktor Yushchenko’s inauguration ceremony. It will feature a laser show, performances by top Ukrainian bands and singers including Ruslana, and a colorful dance show and fireworks.

While the official opening of the 50th Eurovision Song Contest was held May 16 at Kyiv’s Mariyinsky Palace, the real thing won’t start until May 19, when singers from 25 countries (from an original 39) will compete in the semi-finals. On May 21, 10 finalists selected by the contest jury will perform, and they will be joined by 14 finalists from last year’s Eurovision in Istanbul. The grand prize winner will be selected by the international audience (this means you) via phone- and sms-voting.

Greece (L), Hungary (C) and Norway (R)

Apparently, the biggest question of Eurovision 2005 is who’s going to win. Will it be Helena from Greece with her hit “My Number One,” or Nox from Hungary, or Norway’s Wig Wam? According to the British bookmaking agency William Hill, the odds are in favor of one of these three.

As for the chances of Ukraine’s entrant, Greenjolly, they seem rather low. One reason is that they’re the only hip-hop outfit participating in what is usually a pop music contest. The other reason? Everyone’s had enough of them.

No Rain, Yes Ruslana

It’s difficult to guess the winner, but at least there are two other things about the upcoming Eurovision festival we already know for sure.

Firstly, it is not going to rain this week, at least not during the contest, or so say city authorities, who will shoot apart any threatening rain clouds by using specifically designed shells that condense water. Uh-huh. Good luck.

Secondly, Ruslana will be one of the Eurovision show hosts, and neither will bruising boxer Volodymyr Klitschko.

Ten days ago it was officially announced that the hosts of Eurovision 2005 will be DJ Pasha and Novy Kanal morning show starlet Masha Efrosinina. Ruslana, however, will perform to open the finals of the event.

Source: Kyiv Post


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