Yushchenko Has Fired 18,000 Officials To-Date

KIEV, Ukraine -- In an interview with the newspaper "Ukraina Moloda" (Young Ukraine), president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko reported that 18 thousand officials were removed since the new administration has come to power.

According to Yushchenko he is glad that almost all new appointments are the right candidates. He does not exclude the possibility of mistakes. "When the question is about such large employees’ rotation, one cannot do without mistakes. I would not make a tragedy out of it," said Yushchenko.

In general, according to the president, the question of appointments is almost closed. "New appointments remain to be made in the spheres of education and medicine, in Ministry of Internal Affairs. Not all the chiefs of regional departments of the Security Service of Ukraine have been replaced," said Yushchenko.

Source: ForUm