Ukraine’s Zenit Carries Spaceway F1 Satellite Into Orbit

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukraine’s Zenit-3SL vehicle successfully blasted off from the sea-launch platform Odyssey on Tuesday, carrying DIRECTV’s Spaceway satellite into orbit, the RIA-Novosti news agency quoted the Russian flight control center as saying.

The satellite will stay in orbit for 12 years.

Sea Launch’s Zenit-3SL vehicle is to lift the 6,080 kg Spaceway F1 satellite to geosynchronous transfer orbit, on its way to a final orbital position at 102.8 degrees West Longitude.

Spaceway, Sea Launch’s third mission for DIRECTV, is one of four Boeing-built Ka-band satellites that DIRECTV has scheduled for launch over the next three years as part of a historic expansion of programming capacity that will enable DIRECTV to deliver more than 1,500 local and national High Definition channels and other advanced programming services to consumers in the United States by 2007.

Source: Mosnews