Ukraine to Send Troops to Israel-Syria Conflict Zone

KIEV, Ukraine -- The Ukrainian parliament has backed President Viktor Yushchenko’s proposal to send up to 200 officers and men to the Israel-Syria conflict zone to join there the U.N. forces watching over the disengagement of Israeli and Syrian troops in that area.

The Ukrainian servicemen will not take part in any combat actions and their duty will be to provide logistics support to the U.N. forces.

Ukraine’s participation in this peacekeeping operation will be financed from the state budget and later compensated from U.N. funds. The latter will provide the Ukrainians with practically all the necessary military hardware. It is planned to bring the Ukrainian volunteer unit to the Middle East in June-July.

The U.N. mission on Syria’s Golan Heights was founded in 1974. It includes 1,030 servicemen, 40 civilian monitors and 92 local civilian employees. Austria, Canada, Poland, Slovakia and Japan had provided it with the necessary troops.

Ukraine is taking part in international peacemaking operations as of 1992.