Ukraine Negotiates with Denmark Joint Project for Production of Pork

KIEV, Ukraine -- Agrarian Policy Ministry of Ukraine is negotiating with Denmark a joint project for production of pork in Ukraine, AP Minister Olexandr Baranivsky told reporters on April 22. According to him, the core of the project is to create impetus for Ukrainian banking sector to invest funds into creation of Ukrainian pig farms under Danish technologies.

"We want by the end of year to have constructed a farm under Danish technologies in each oblast. We are preparing information for the President on the issue and we hope for his support. Denmark is the pioneer in this field", Baranivsky said, adding that for a start the President's approval was needed for organisation of acquaintance trip to Denmark of Ukrainian governors and bankers.

Baranivsky believes that thanks to the experience of Danes, it is possible to introduce in Ukraine up-to-date technologies for production of cheap meat. "The farm is operated by 3 or 4 people and produces thousands of tonnes of pork", he said.