Ukraine Introduces Ban on Tobacco Advertising

KIEV, Ukraine -- The Ukrainian parliament has decided to ban tobacco advertising in the country after it passed a new law on Tuesday, Itar Tass reports. Moreover, 50 percent of public establishments such as bars, cafes and restaurants must provide a non-smoking area.

The new law prohibits tobacco advertising on TV, radio, in publications aimed at minors, in cinemas, theaters, as well as banning outdoor advertising on billboards, large electronic screens and building facades.

The law also states that bar and restaurant owners face fines of up to $10,000 if they fail to provide non-smoking areas in at least half of their establishments.

The law also makes it illegal to sell tobacco to minors and sell packs without a medical warning.

More than 100,000 smokers die in Ukraine annually of smoking-related diseases. With a total number of 9 million smokers, Ukraine is among the top 11 countries with the highest number of smokers, Itar Tass added.