Ukraine Creating a New Morality and Ethics

KIEV, Ukraine -- "When we came to office, we discovered that all public life in Ukraine had been corrupted. The very first thing we felt we had to do was change the country's mentality," said Sergey Teryokhin, Ukraine's new economics minister, according to The Washington Times’ David R. Sands.

"We now have a new social morality, a new ethic, a new attitude toward the way business policy should be conducted," he continued.

Ukraine’s citizens henceforth will be living under a democracy in the making. It will take time. It will take patience. However, its leadership is intent on throwing off Russian ties in favor of a more American imprint. The Ukraine is even applying for membership in NATO.

Pro-Western President Viktor Yushchenko met recently with United States President George W. Bush, the two welding more securely their relationships for freedom’s sake. The new Ukrainian President is most enthusiastic about his country’s future. The people there have not experienced the kind of liberties that the new President envisions. Mr. Bush helped put in perspective for him the fundamentals of a free government.

Ukrainians now have hopes that are "soaring" for future generations, according to The Washington Times report.

The challenge is for the new President to see through changes within his officialdom. Many of those still in office were under the old politic. Therefore, they must be trained in new thinking — democracy thinking. They must be coached in freedom building. It is hoped that upcoming elections in April 2006 will substitute the old guard with truly dedicated civil servants favoring a democracy realized.

"Corruption was so entrenched under former President Leonid Kuchma," Mr. Teryokhin said, that even basic economic data and statistics compiled by his department were changed for political purposes.

"It was absolutely stupid," he said.

Hopefully, the grassroots will get hold of the same vision as the newly elected President. With that kind of alliance, the Ukrainians can in time come to sense the new politic in their favor. It will take educating the public as well as electing persons in league with the President’s democracy program.

Mr. Bush has already provided "economic ties to Ukraine and is backing its bid to join the World Trade Organization" by the close of 2005. It is expected that the US Commerce Department will pronounce the Ukraine as a "full-fledged market economy, easing trade and investment restrictions.

"Ukraine also hopes to apply for funding from the new Millennium Challenge Corp., set up by Mr. Bush to reward developing countries that institute pro-market, anti-corruption policies."

The Ukraine is now experiencing a face-lift in the process of establishing a democracy. They were once put in the same category as China and Russia. No more.

It is President Bush who has been mentoring such governments in search of genuine democracy. Mr. Bush, in both his first and second terms, has as his top priority the dualism of protecting America from killers international while planting liberties in nations that heretofore had no chance for that kind of lifestyle.

Though the American Democratic Party has given no encouragement to the President, themselves thwarting the very freedoms they enjoy daily, the President continues to continue. Though certain democracies in Europe have worked tirelessly to do little or nothing to evangelize other nations with democracy, Mr. Bush has stayed true to his vision.

Last November’s Red States provided Mr. Bush with the mandate to remain convinced of his convictions for political change in nations heretofore governed by dictators. This is especially unusual in that powerful nations in the past have used their might to subdue other nations. Instead, America uses its power to liberate other nations.

Though the liberal press gives scant attention to this revolutionary perspective, the grassroots in America gets hold of the Bush administration’s integrity and supports it with sacrifice and patience. In the future, numerous nations once held in the grip of dictators will give thanks to America and Mr. Bush in particular for staying true to the liberty cause.