Two Miners Brought to Safety in Ukraine

KIEV, Ukraine - Rescuers saved two miners trapped by a rock slide in an eastern Ukrainian coal mine, emergency officials said on Monday. The bodies of two other miners were found, and a fifth remained missing.

The accident occurred early on Sunday in the Rossiya mine in the Donetsk region, trapping five workers at a depth of 400m.

One of the miners made it to safety on Sunday morning, and rescuers managed to establish verbal contact with one of the others, who was retrieved from the rubble on Sunday evening, the ministry for emergency situations said in a statement. Both are recovering in hospital.

Crews discovered the bodies of two other miners under the rubble, and were working to bring the bodies to the surface. The fate of the fifth trapped miner remains unknown, emergency officials said.

President Viktor Yushchenko on Sunday dispatched Ukraine's Emergency Situations Minister David Zhvania and Fuel and Energy Minister Ivan Plachkov to the region to oversee rescue work, the president's office said.

Since the 1991 Soviet collapse, nearly 4 300 miners have died in Ukrainian coal mines, which are considered among the world's most risk-filled. More than 75 percent of Ukraine's 200 coal mines are classified as dangerous.