Minister of Internal Affairs Could Question Kuchma

KIEV, Ukraine -- The Minister of Internal Affairs (MIA) Yuriy Lutsenko does not exclude the possibility that ex-President Leonid Kuchma will be questioned by the police.

In a comment to journalists, Lutsenko said: "We are worried about the transfer of land property and a huge facility in downtown Kyiv to Kuchma's charity fund."

"Therefore it could happen that Kuchma himself will be invited for questioning. He, according to some documents, personally took part in the formation of the fund and the transfer of the land ownership."

Kuchma's "Ukraine" fund is operating in a former MIA building on Shovkovychna St. in Kyiv, two blocks away from the Parliament and the Secretariat of the President.

Lutsenko added that the MIA continues to investigate the transfer of money to the fund from various sources. According to the minister, even the fact that Kuchma returned the money that FC Dynamo Kyiv donated does not void the illegality of this money transfer being done without informing the club's stockholders.

Ukrayinska Pravda requested a comment in Kuchma's office at the "Ukraine" fund, but was informed that the ex-President is absent until the end of the day.

Source: Ukrayinska Pravda