Jafza to Attract Leading Companies in Ukraine and Russia

KIEV, Ukraine -- A delegation of senior officials from Jafza (Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority) is currently on a visit to Ukraine and Russia as part of a focused marketing and promotional campaign, to attract leading companies from these countries to set up operations in Jafza.

Ibrahim Al Janahi, Regional Manager, Europe, Jafza and Abdullah Al Banna, Marketing Manager, Jafza, will lead the Jafza team. The Ukraine trip follows a meeting between Ibrahim Al Janahi and senior Ukrainian government officials during the World Economic Forum, in Davos, Switzerland earlier this year, where the latter extended an invitation to Jafza to promote their offerings in Ukraine.

“The industrial sector in Ukraine is developing at a fair pace, despite the recent instability in the region. Due to the favourable climatic conditions in the country, Ukraine is mainly an agricultural area and most of its industries revolve around this sector. It is one of the world’s major sugar producing centers and is also known for its timber and petrochemical industry. We will primarily target these sectors to help them set up operations in Jafza, as we have all the required infrastructure and facilities that can benefit these sectors,” said Al Janahi.

A UAE-Ukraine Business Council has been set up in association with the UAE Foreign Ministry and the Ukrainian Embassy in UAE, to promote bilateral trade between the two countries.

“The Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is providing us with the required assistance and support. We will be hosting a seminar that will focus on business opportunities in Dubai and Jafza and provide details to participants on the various aspects of trade and business in Dubai. More than 150 leading businessmen and decision makers are expected to attend this seminar, presenting us with a good opportunity to attract investments to the free zone,” added Al Janahi.

The delegation will have a series of meetings in Ukraine, beginning with a meeting with the Chairman of UAE-Ukraine Business Council, followed by a meeting with the Vice President of Ukrainian Central Bank and the Deputy Minister of Commerce. They will also meet the Vice President of Keiv City, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Head of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In addition, Jafza officials will be visiting the facilities of leading industries in Ukraine to study different aspects of their business and industrial sector.

Jafza’s visit to Russia will be mainly to finalise the various proposals that are in their final stages. “We have been involved in talks with a few companies in Russia who are keen on establishing operations in Jafza and we will finalise these agreements during our visit, adding to the tally of 19 Russian companies in the free zone. We will also be visiting the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing office in Russia to analyse the enquiries received by them from prospective investors interested in starting operations in Jafza,” stated Al Banna.

Jafza offers a range of advantages to companies who plan to set up operations in the zone, like simple administrative procedures, zero duties on all import and export goods and machineries within the free zone, modern communication facilities and excellent support services.