Ukraine's Ex-Minister Of Internal Affairs: Hepatitis Kept Under Wraps

KIEV, Ukraine -- Yuriy Lutsenko was keeping his hepatitis concealed for more than half-a-year. So says Irina Lutsenko, wife of the former Interior Minister, showing the results of her husband's blood test.

Yuriy Lutsenko in jail.

"Lutsenko asked: 'Give me my results of my last blood tests because I'm refusing to take them now.' So he was given the results of his recent tests, done on the September 19, 2011 in prison when his blood was tested for viral hepatitis. Viral hepatitis TTV was detected", declared Lutsenko's wife.

According to Irina Lutsenko, her husband may have become infected during medical procedures in Lukyanovka Jail.

The wife of the opposition politician promises in the near future to make a formal complaint to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine because of a lack of medical care for her husband.

Valentine Telichenko, Lutsenko's Lawyer in the European Court, said: "It's lasted more than six months. And this despite the fact that the patient has a whole series of illnesses - this is criminal. This has confirmed two things: that this is an attack on his life and it indicates the presence of political motives in the pursuit and arrest of Lutsenko."

Representatives of the prison medical unit denied that Yuriy Lutsenko was discovered to have hepatitis.

Victor Pirogov, Medical Department Head, Lukyanovka jail said: "All the tests that could confirm the diagnosis of hepatitis are normal. One indicator without the presence of other indicators is not helpful."

Previously, doctors confirmed the presence of diabetes and a worsening of pancreatic and liver disease in the former Interior Minister of Ukraine.

Yuriy Lutsenko was a minister in Yulia Tymoshenko's government and one of the leaders of the Orange Revolution.

In February this year he was sentenced to four years on charges of abuse of power.

Lutsenko's supporters have filed an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights.

Source: NTD News