Euro-Hosts Ukraine Riled By Beautiful Women 'Slur'

NEW YORK, USA -- The pan-European stereotype war is simmering away nicely ahead of Euro 2012 with co-hosts Ukraine already angered by a Dutch TV advert that portrays all of the nation's women as being amazingly beautiful.

Some of Ukraine's female fans.

Apparently that's a problem.

The offending advert , entitled "Keep Them at home", begins with the wife of a Dutch football fan doing a Google search for 'Ukrainian women'.

A series of images of young women in skimpy underwear and suggestive positions subsequently pop ups.

Panicked by the idea of her hubby being surrounded by such beauties, the wife then clicks on another website to buy a do-it-yourself home beer tap to help persuade her man to stay in and watch the Euros on TV.

The ad is obviously a joke, but Ukrainian ambassador to the Netherlands, Olexander Horin, is not amused.

"I'm anxious and dismayed that it could send the wrong image," Horin told AFP.

"I will ask the company to remove the commercial from television: it's a latent appeal not to visit Ukraine and the Euro 2012."

Source: ESPN