Ukraine Sets Up Hooligan Monitoring Force

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukraine's interior ministry has set up a special unit (NFIP) to prevent known football hooligans from attending matches at the 2012 European Championship in the country, local media reported on Wednesday.

"We have created a special unit within Ukraine's interior ministry, which will monitor football hooligans and 'ultras' registered in European and Ukrainian databases," said Alexander Birsan, deputy head of the Ukrainian committee preparing for Euro 2012.

"The creation of NFIP was a UEFA initiative. In the NFIP databases, all the football hooligans are recorded by name and UEFA uses our information in case they need to prevent those fans from attending certain matches."

The NFIP has already started its activity, the press reported.

On the eve of the Champions League match between Ukraine's Shakhtar Donetsk and Russian champions Zenit St Petersburg on October 19, the NFIP supplied Ukraine's border guards with information that allowed them to prevent seven Russian ultras from crossing the border.

"The majority of ultras were prevented from making the trip to Donetsk," Birsan said. "It's evidence that our system is already working and that its work is successful."

Ukraine is co-hosting Euro 2012 with Poland.

Source: Football UK